12 Rules of Monk Mode #6: It’s Not About Doing

NOTE: This chapter is outdated, and has been revised in the complete version of the book The Thirteen Chambers of Monk Mode along with seven new exclusive chapters. You can find out more information about the book here: https://moonbasemgtow.wordpress.com/2021/07/30/my-book-membership-groups-available-now/ “My position was terrible. I knew that I could find nothing in the way of rational knowledge except a denial of life;Continue reading “12 Rules of Monk Mode #6: It’s Not About Doing”

Into The Depths of Desire – Dry Fasting + No Fap Hard Mode/Monk

This blog post was originally published on 3/24/20 on my website. I’ve been Playing on the Hardest Difficulty on my diet and especially on No Fap, which I’ve recently hit a major check point on past the 30 day mark. Technically, the last PMO was 79 days ago, but the reason why I’m highlighting thisContinue reading “Into The Depths of Desire – Dry Fasting + No Fap Hard Mode/Monk”