Its Harder To Come Out As Bisexual Now Than Gay

A gay person is left with only two options: live your life as a full lie, or come out and live the full truth as openly gay. A bisexual person, however, is less likely to come out because only one of their sexual preferences are socially accepted, encouraging them to suppress their other attraction. TheyContinue reading “Its Harder To Come Out As Bisexual Now Than Gay”

Is The 80/20 Rule In Dating Bogus?

If you’re a lover of mathematics, it would be quite the romantic idea that the Paretto Principle, the idea that only 20% of a population attain 80% of the results, would also be present in the dating world, but this statistical phenomena is only present in environments with a neutral measuring unit that every memberContinue reading “Is The 80/20 Rule In Dating Bogus?”