Mahasamadhi – See You on the Far Side

That’s it for me folks.

I was not supposed to return to the MGTOW community so soon after finishing my book. In truth, I wanted to delay it’s publishing to meditate more, but per the advice of my mentor, I released it early.

Now, that’s all well and good, but the issue is that I feel the book is alive, and therefore wanted to stay with it, continuing to break down it’s contents with the community and allowing its idea to flourish in a much deeper way.

But if the book is truly alive, then it must be let go to live on its own.

The 13 Chambers of Monk Mode – A Nihlist’s Guide to Enlightenment is now available through pay-what-you-want, with a $0 minimum on my Ko-fi Shop

However, the various memberships and Discord groups will no longer be available.

I explain in my video my discontent with the MGTOW community, and although there are certainly a few gems out there, I have no passion for mining for them as I previously did anymore. The book is available, and those who find it can study it at will if it could offer any help to them.

I will continue to pursue my original path, a solitary one, and most likely will not return to publishing on this site under this name.

If anything, I can continue posting content exclusively through my Ko-fi page, as there are already three posts for The Hidden Chambers series, but I’m not sure if I want to engender any continuing obligations at this point.

I do want to keep my heart open, but I suppose all that’s left to do is leave the key.

I’ll Be On the Far Side… – Monk Moon Base

My Book + Membership Groups, Available Now!

Last summer, I began writing a 12-part series of Monk Mode articles, heavily inspired by my readings of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life and giving it a MGTOW and Nihilist philosophy spin. The first six chapters are still available for free on my blog, but I have since reworked them, and have added seven additional chapters, with its full title being:

The 13 Chambers of Monk Mode: A Nihilist’s Guide to Enlightenment


Written during a 1+ year celibacy vow, MOON BASE MGTOW uses Jordan Peterson’s classic 12 Rules for Life as a template, and reworks some of the early chapters to fit a more MGTOW perspective. Philosophical debate ensues between Peterson’s views on culture, and the significance of suffering go against Moon Base’s never-before-seen interpretations of Nihilism.

Along with covering the basics of MGTOW, (marriage, fatherhood, red-pill rage) the community itself is also critiqued for where it falls short (along with the Incel/Black Pill circles, and even gaming sub-cultures). The book also explores theories for a virtuous society, fundamental truths, family trauma, consciousness, and the nature of the self and reality.

But most importantly, 13 Chambers for Monk Mode is a guide for implementing the “Monk Mode” strategy, which is a temporary withdrawal from social interactions and other debilitating consumptions for the purpose of achieving worthwhile external goals.

However, Moon Base’s contribution to the field is a focus on Monk Mode as an internal practice, for success should not come through arduous effort and excessive instruction, but should be a natural byproduct for the individual who has resolved all of their emotional hindrances and unconscious blockages.

It is available for digital purchase via my Ko-fi shop, and please read below for the accompanying deals and membership programs.

The Memberships

The title of my book is inspired by the martial arts film, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, which became a trilogy; Return to the 36th Chamber, and the Disciples of the 36th Chamber, and likewise I will offer three different program groups.

Gordon Liu in The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Note: Slots will be limited as it is a pilot program, and prices are subject to change as demand increases.

Second Note: I need a short break after so many days of writing the book until sun-rise, so expect group activities to begin starting August 14th, but consider reserving a slot early.

The Hidden Chambers

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Last Bit of Info on the Groups

The Discord group is not a place to post memes, talk about current events, or other leisurely activities. It is a place of work.

The Mastermind group as well is not a place to share your biggest dreams. After you put in some work, then you are allowed to dream, because chances are once you realize all the effort and resources that are required to achieve said goal, you may cancel it altogether, or slightly alter it to something more immediately achievable.

The groups will have weekly prompts or missions, and quarterly reports. After I attain a more comfortable equipment set up, there will be regular meetings/call-ins as well.

I do not watch TV, movies, YouTube, or play videogames. I don’t hang out or text friends or family. I don’t even read other blog posts and books anymore. I’m completely dedicated to my work now, and that dedication can be shared with you. So if you want to also live a simplified and focused lifestyle, or need a hardcore badass mother fucker like me on your team, considering purchasing the book, and joining the relevant membership groups.

I personally pay over $50 a month on Patreon for content I do not currently watch anymore, because of my Monk Mode focus, but I just don’t have the heart to cancel my support because I still feel the content they produce is important, even without my involvement.

So consider what I am offering, and compare it to the current benefits you gain from the ways you already spend your money. Perhaps you can make a big difference in your life, my life, and for all the others that join us along the way.

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The Ballad of Vito Jr. – A Soprano’s Societal Critique

This post was originally published on April 5, 2021 for my Publish0x blog.

I’ve been watching The Sopranos recently. I’ve sorted hated the show after the fourth season, I think, but it was helpful in solidifying again why I don’t want to get married (at least to just one woman, more on that real soon).

I might as well take my shot now before we move onto the main topic, but essentially, I’m impressed that a man could command so much fear, respect, and power out on the streets, as there is a clear order and division among men, but as soon as he gets home, because of marriage, women magically become equal to such powerful men, with license to belittle, along with entitlement to his assets, all without going through the rigorous qualifications that men are subject to for the same status. 

The Sopranos is also a favorite series of one of my MGTOW mentors, Kurama (or Itachi) MGTOW. Earlier today, I watched a video of his, “Clueless Older Men”, and essentially he said that it was older, beta, blue-pill men that created this situation, and have no real solution. I would like to add that they also put pressure on us younger men when we go our own way and choose not play into the status quo. 

The main topic today is about a character named Vito Jr., who I believe exemplifies some of these qualities, and the reaction to his rebellion is a mirror of our society. 

If you haven’t watched the show, even though this spoiler is relevant to the conclusion of an entire saga, it was still only about a side-character, so it’s not that significant if you still want to enjoy the show. 

Vito Jr. is obviously the son of Vito, who was a captain in Tony Soprano’s mafia, until he was discovered to be gay, and was killed by another mafia member who was a relative of his wife. The family obviously took the death and the news of their closeted father quite difficultly. Vito Jr. began to rebel and became a Goth kid.

In response, his mother approached Tony Soprano to help her relocate the family, believing a fresh start would be a solution, and asked for $100,000. 

This price tag is symbolic of the cost that broken homes levy onto society, as the government expends resources to cover what the absent fathers are not, as well as the children being poorly raised and eventually repeating the situation. 

Obviously, this cost was too much for Tony, and so the two clips below are of the relative, and Tony Soprano, trying to talk some sense into Vito Jr. 

In this first clip, the major point is that Vito Jr. has absolved himself of societal shame, which is a key component of going your own way. The criticism from Phil that his appearance makes him “sick” is water off Vito Jr.’s back, and he recognizes that his mother’s suffering is only due to her feelings of embarrassment. 

Vito Jr. is also just a boy, and since his father has been taken away, he does not understand what traditional masculinity is, and doubly so since his father was either bisexual or a closeted gay. Obviously, being straight or gay doesn’t mean one is masculine or not, but I reinforce that the issue at hand is the “traditional” kind.

The second clip is crucial because now that Vito Jr. has been pressured for the second time to man-up for the sake of his mother, he simply answers

“What am I supposed to do about it?” 

Once again, this touches on the fact I mentioned earlier about wives, in that women have no qualifications, and that’s why a boy is instantly promoted to being “Man of the house” with his father’s absence. 

As for his father, although he jokes about him personally, Vito Jr. is actually resentful towards society when he says “someone should have told my father to stop the weird shit.” 

Although his father was punished for his actions by being killed for it, he still had some room to make the choices he wanted, but the repercussions of those actions are picked up by his son. 

Itachi echoed this sentiment in his video as well, on how he feels that he is a “first generation man”, as the beta men of previous generations were given carte blanche and have allowed feminism to flourish and society to degenerate, leaving our generation to clean it up.

When we choose to deviate from that, we’re accused of not being masculine anymore. 

Speaking of “clean up”, this next clip is a bit graphic. 

But it’s important, because the other kids mocking him is reminiscent of society, once again blaming the son for the sins of his father.

Not only did he take a shit as a “fuck you” to society, he also stepped in it, which was supposed to be something called “waffle stomping”, which is when a turd is pressed against a square-holed shower drain gate to make a waffle-like imprint.

Vito Jr. is clogging the drain, impeding the flow of his effort towards a society that has only taken away from him, and is forcing him in roles he doesn’t want to participate in. 

Of course, he is suspended from school because of this, and declares that he won’t be returning, solidifying his resignation from society. 

And how do you think the system is going to respond when you stop paying into it? 

The irony throughout this entire series of clips, is that the two men that were actually responsible for creating this situation that Vito Jr. is in the first place are the ones telling him to clean it up.

This difficult situation was left to a young boy because these two men did not want to pay the price for their actions.

After their empty preaching, they were allowed to walk away and return to their stability. 

It’s the very same thing that happened in Itachi’s video, when the older man called in and told Itachi “don’t worry about it” when Itachi was lamenting over the dangers of dating women in this era. 

It’s the older men that tell us to “man up” and continue to marry women or pay into the system when we have very few good options or outcomes these days. 

But when a character like Vito Jr. chooses to rebel, it is seen as a threat to the older blue pill men’s stability. And thus, Vito Jr. is taken away in the dark of night to a “tough love” camp for troubled children, where he will be under the threat of corporal punishment if he doesn’t conform. 

Apparently, Soprano was actually willing to finance the first plan to move the entire family to Maine, but only through funds he would have acquired through a bet, of which he unfortunately lost.

A $200,000 debt of Soprano’s was also called on during the same time, tightening his pockets even more. So in the end, the cheapest option won out at the expense of this young man. 

This behavior is once again indicative of the frivolous behavior of the older men of yesterday as they took a gamble on enabling feminism, and now it’s our children and assets stolen from us in the dead of night through the family courts.   

A character like Vito Jr. realized quickly that he owed nothing to a society that robbed him, and thus he went his own way. 

This is powerful, and I’d love to end the article on that statement alone, but unfortunately there’s more. 

The Real Lesson 

Although he is inspiring, Vito Jr. still technically lost by having to go to that camp. 

The additional lesson here is that another major skill us MGTOW men must develop is to “ghost in plain sight”, which is the ability to hide our true beliefs and intentions and play it safe while we quietly deploy our exit strategy. 

Showing your cards never wins you rewards or allies, as this case with Vito Jr. aptly demonstrates. 

Luckily for myself, I work a remote job with zero contact between my co-workers and bosses.

However, in the past, I made the mistake of revealing my political ideas and affiliations. 

At one place of work, I told one or two of my friends that I was voting for Donald Trump in 2016, and it was eventually leaked to the entire staff. The day after the election there was a regular staff meeting, but I was getting the evil eye for most of it, and it was a total blindside to me. 

The second instance was when I worked at a college bookstore. Because I have dark skin, a few of my black female co-workers asked me if I was going to watch the Black Panther movie.

I knew it was somewhat of a charged issue, and I hoped that my answer that I simply did not like Marvel films was enough to dispel it, but I then learned that there was an agenda for all Black people to support this movie, regardless of their non-fandom. 

Even further, I told them that I was actually Latino, and was waiting for my “Washington Heights Super Hero” movie (which we sort of got later with Miles Morales’ in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (which was an awesome film by the way). But of course, they had an answer to that too, since of course they were also intersectional feminists, so one cause scratches the back of the other.

Because of this debate, another friend of mine approached me later because there was now a rumor that I was self-hating of my skin color. 

Nothing was gained at all by showing my true colors. I just made enemies. 

My disdain for their institutions makes it so difficult for me to hold back, and it’s definitely something I need to work on, especially since I’ll be heading back to college in the Fall. 

Speaking of which, in one of my recent classes last semester, my white* teacher was recalling how she missed going to her gym, as there were many non-white members there, which was good because “white people suck.” 

Even though I’m non-white myself, I felt horrible for the two white students that were in the class, and I decided to stand up for them and tell the teacher that I was uncomfortable with her statement. Luckily, I actually did get some support from another student (she was also Dominican like me). If Campus was in person and not online, I probably would have dated her. 

But did the white students send me a private message to thank me? No. 

Did the professor put that event in the memory shredder and bash white people again? Yes. 

Unfortunately I don’t remember the context too well, but I believe I stood up to her a second time, when I told her that being half-Jewish is a conflict of interest when critiquing white culture, as Jewish culture is off-limits and so they would be the last ones standing if we removed all whites. She couldn’t help but agree with this. 

Funnily enough, you wouldn’t believe that an Art History class would actually feature an assignment in which the class would have to make a modern political meme, but this is the state of American Education.

It wasn’t explicitly stated, but in her heart, she really wanted a gallery of Trump memes, as this was after Biden’s inauguration.

But as a Trump voter (of 2016, I didn’t give a fuck about 2020, maybe I’ll write about that in complete detail later too), I dodged this draft and made one related to NYC politics and took a shot at our mayor, but still stayed on the left by supporting Andrew Yang in my meme. 

After this, I made sure to suck up the professor where I could, and in the end I absolutely crushed the class with the highest score I had for any course ever I’ve taken. Well, it was Art History, after all. 

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to ghost properly during my last two years left of college, but something I did say in that Art class might reveal a way for me to have a chance. 

The professor did ask us about politics, I believe after the Storming of the US Capitol, and I remember answering 

Indifferent. I’m moving to Japan. 

So, I believe we can embrace ghosting in plain sight without too much internal resistance if we have something truly greater to look forward to. 

I don’t remember which chapter of The 12 Rules of Monk Mode I wrote this in, but I believe I mentioned that dependency is the root of all evil in this world, because we hold contempt or resentment for others when we can’t walk away from the situation. 

I have disdain for American society and politics because I’m dwelling in it, but if I truly start to feel that I will soon be free from it by focusing on Japan, (or on a deeper level, being MGTOW level 5), then that’s when I can truly have the level of apathy that is necessary to be able to lie to my enemies without it affecting my soul, as it’s no longer an issue I apply any morality to without actually having a dog in the fight. 

I personally am still wrestling with a Red Pill (or Black Pill) that the majority of humanity is actually irredeemable, and perhaps reincarnation being real explains this, so that people are born to play out their role, thus, I should no longer interfere. 

But that’s a topic for another day, I suppose. 

I’ll See You On the Far Side… – Monk Moon Base

Was He Raised By A Single Mother?

This post was originally published on March 31, 2021 on my Publish0x blog

…is exactly what I asked after I saw the emotional celebration of UFC fighter Alonzo Menifield at this weekend’s UFC 260. 

The man is 33 years old, a former football player, 6ft and 205 lbs, but after the match was over, through my Red Pill eyes, he looked like a middle schooler trying to calm himself down after a lunchroom brawl. 

That’s when I started to get suspicious, and then came his interview. 

First, he dedicates the win to his wife, and then backhands his mom at the end of it. 

I almost couldn’t believe how clearly I could see through him before he even did it. 

I searched up his background, and it seems he was raised by a single mom, as his father died when he was young. But perhaps not for long, as he and his brother were moved into foster care when he was 14, which seems to be the source of why he stated his mother has not shown him love.

Granted, I have a horrible relationship with my mother as well, along with an absent father, so I’m not on a high horse.

But as Red Pill men, we are trained to see the red flags among damaged women, and likewise it is a keen skill to see troubled men as well. 

Thinking Ape and Barbarossa also thoroughly explored the “male mother need” phenomenon, which in short is one where a man idealizes or projects certain values onto his female partners to compensate for a certain lacking quality related to his maternal relationship that has been unresolved since childhood.

The fact that Alonzo pitted his wife and mother against each other makes it undeniable that he’s affected by this condition. 

Thinking Ape feels rather strongly about the condition too, believing it is a quality that is impossible to overcome completely.

As for myself, I’m unsure, since I wasn’t raised by my mother at all past my toddler years. I was raised by a single grandmother, but there was also a lot of help from my Aunts and Uncles who lived with me. 

As I discussed in my earlier post, “Guilty Bastard”, even during my blue pill years, I was always more interested in being a father rather than being a husband, so most of my concerns with dating was about my high standards for a viable womb, represented by my desire for a flawless virgin girl. The “mother need” was for my future children, not me!

But anyway, this isn’t a topic about dating. 

This is just a “eureka” moment in my revelation that our childhoods are pretty damn important! You would think being over 30 would classify you as an adult, but it’s hard for me to see it that way until we’ve really undone the baggage we’re holding onto from way back when. 

See You On the Far Side… – Monk Moon Base

Additional Content: 

Pre-Order “THE 12 CHAMBERS OF MONK MODE” Available Now!

UPDATE: Pre-orders have been CANCELLED, due to the development of a 13th Chamber. The full release will be on a much bigger scale now, so please excuse the delay. 

The additional six chapters of my series, 12 Rules for Monk Mode, of which the first six chapters have already been published on this site, have been drafted, and the entire series will be compiled and renamed into The 12 Chambers of Monk Mode: A Nihilist’s Guide to Enlightenment

If you haven’t read the series yet, it is heavily inspired by Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules for Life, in which I remix it to fit the MGTOW and Monk Mode perspective. Additionally, my book contends with Peterson’s views on Nihilism, among other views, as I am a proponent of the philosophy. 

As the book is still being revised, and I am also awaiting a foreword by a friend of the blog, I am opening LIMITED pre-orders for the book at a discounted price on my Ko-fi page:

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Thank you for your support! 

Staying Out of Trouble: Rethinking No-Fap

Originally published on March 26, 2021 on my Publish0x blog.

I tried the No Fap experiment during my celibacy vow last year. I used it as a tool for self-mastery, attempting to dissect everything about my desire. 

In conclusion, while I think the practice is still useful in particular cases, for the most part I think it is a very dangerous thing to do, especially for MGTOW, and some Red Pill men.

If on one hand, we are becoming aware that relations with women can be dangerous, and on the other hand, porn and masturbation are being demonized, where else do we have to go? 

I’ve noticed that the majority of no-fap practitioners are men that are struggling with the latter, and are actually using No-Fap to activate some “Law of Attraction” and become more desirable to women. Therefore, their demonization of porn makes sense, as it will starve them of sexual satisfaction, like a pit bull before a fight, and encourage them to embrace women. 

But to men that have access to sex, porn is the lesser of two evils.

If they are trying to stay out of trouble, denying yourself of it will obviously make you want to pursue women again, as it is the better experience, albeit more risky. 

But going back to the Pit Bull analogy, a content dog is a less aggressive dog, and getting your fill from porn consistently could have some drawbacks in the same way, depending on your industry. 


Last month, a friends-with-benefits relationship I had ended and I didn’t feel like trying to date again. Therefore, I took that sexual frustration and turned it into creative writing, immersing myself in a fantasy world and cranking out 18 chapters over a month.

But as soon as I began jacking it to porn again, I lost the juice for it. 

There should be a balance in all things, right?

Japanese porn is infamous for its censorship of the genitals, and yet, Japan is the largest porn producer in the world. That seeming handicap to their production actually pushes them to be more creative with everything else that’s visible (or audible) to become a more enticing experience. 

The “Ecchi” genre of anime itself is an interesting phenomenon as well, as it balances sexual content with story telling. Of course, it restricts the sexual content, as not to become its counterpart, hentai, which is intended to be animated porn.

Narrative, among other talents (like acting, for example) more often than not seem to be sacrificed in works in which sexuality becomes the focus. 

Going back to my personal experiences, not only did I practice No-Fap, but also Semen retention, and dabbled in some companion Qi Gong exercises as well.

One of my biggest pet peeves during sex is being told to cum, so it’s likely in the future that I eventually study the various advanced sex practices (Karezza, Tantra, Qi Gong) so I can withhold ejaculation and achieve a full-body orgasm, a deeper connection during sex, or the health benefits that are promised as well (the real sexual transmutation by the way, not just substituting porn with good habits, which is sexual sublimation, a Freudian theory). 

So, despite my approval of abandoning No-Fap to stay off dating apps, I’m still red-pilled on the subject and can’t entirely go backwards.

Each dose is different for every man, as each man is at a different stage in his life. 

For now, porn is not a bad thing and it’s keeping me out of trouble. But once again, the habit will be limited and observed. 

And observation is very important, as a man’s sex drive is a powerful determiner. 

Many lives are ruined daily to the pursuit of sex; men are arrested for rape and assault, unwanted children are conceived, diseases are contracted, marriages are ruined, money is wasted, women are used as bait for robbery or murder, etc. 

Therefore, it’s important to know what feelings come up alongside our sexual urges. 

For instance, after my 1 year celibacy vow was over, I only joined the dating apps because I had another semester of college, of which I was vastly uncomfortable with. That discomfort called for some sort of escapism, and I thought sex was the best way to satiate me while I was agonizing with the monotony of school work. 

It should be pointed out again that any of the physiolocial needs that the consummatory behavior involved with them serve as channels for all sorts of other needs as well. That is to say, the person who thinks he is hungry may actually be seeking more for comfort, or dependency, than for vitamins or proteins. 

Conversely, is it possible to satisfy the hunger need in part by other activities, such as drinking water or smoking cigarettes. In other words, relatively isolable as those physiological needs are, they are not completely so. – Abraham Maslow in A Theory of Human Motivation.

A few days ago, I had to go off and masturbate to porn because I looked out the window and saw a white girl with a thicc ass in some yoga pants walking her dog. 

I wanted her, yet I’ve convinced myself not to date anymore.

I’m staying unattractive on purpose (at least delaying a hair cut, I’m still exercising) to exclude myself from the dance, because my better judgement says I have a full schedule of work to do. My logic suggests to put off dating, at least until I get back to campus, when interaction with young females will be unavoidable.

But I asked myself “What I am supposed to do with these feelings?”, and as those feelings remained, I doubted myself. 

So when my two choices are 1) watching a porn video, “getting the poison out”, and going back to work vs. 2) wasting hours on dating apps and money on uber rides, the choice to give up No-Fap is very easy. 

That said, I was still subject to post-nut clarity, and wondered if there was anything I could have done to remedy my discomfort about not having that girl in the purple pants. I did realize my schedule is a bit too rigid. I try to do the hardest tasks of the day first before any leisure activities or side projects.

However, that rigidity added to my discomfort; it was another instance of not being able to express myself. This re-evaluation on No-Fap perhaps may have influenced me to have a freer schedule so I don’t cling to distractions when the work is too difficult on some days.

However, if it wasn’t for the clarity I’ve gotten in regards to my decreased productivity with my fiction writing, I most likely wouldn’t have cared at all about putting a bottleneck on this thing at this stage of my life. 

At the end of the day, I no longer have any judgement towards men who consume porn, and frankly consider it a net positive for society, if it at least reduces some sex crimes. 

I’ll See You on the Far Side… – Monk Moon Base

Additional Content: 

Note: If you’re wondering why my thumbnail is Paul Giamatti, it’s referring to a character he played in the show Lodge 49, in which he was a prolific mystery novelist who credited his vast output on retaining his semen for 10 years, and also employing a muse. 

Guilty Bastard

Originally published March 14, 2021 on my Publish0x blog

On the topic of becoming a family man:

Guilty Bastard

I suppose the source of my perfectionism is the fact that I was raised without a father figure, and I had to set a good example for my younger siblings, as I was the eldest.

It was always more important for me to make the right choice the first time. My brothers could just follow me or avoid my mistake. 

Unfortunately my brothers and I were too embarrassed to discuss girls and relationships with each other, so I was free in that regard, but I applied the perfectionist pressure to it for my own purposes. 

For years, I pined for that “perfect virgin girl”. I went dateless to prom after finding out the girl I planned to go with was a bit of a slut, which would be perfect for any other normal teen male to wanting to secure getting laid on prom night. 

But not for me. 

Things got worse years later when I started consuming red pill content, and began collecting red flags on girls, ultimately letting relationships fizzle out. 

Even when I seriously doubted my belief in Christianity, it was a convenient crutch to explain my prolonged virginity. 

Of course, I am blaming all of this on perfectionism, and not a serious issue of sexual repression of which I probably needed therapy for, but nonetheless, at 25, I was happy that I had no STDs or children.

I fully embraced the MGTOW Monk lifestyle. 

But unfortunately, I tried to spread the gospel to the Incel industry, and got caught up in their negative energies. 

I am a dark-skin Latino, and I’ve always relied on my Spanish speaking background so I can be differentiated from black people. However, I would always feel insecure that I was not fluent. 

I felt the same with the Incels, as I first naively thought our shared status as virgins would give me credibility, but they valued losing it so badly, while I did not, and I never got through to them. Alas, I wanted to differentiate myself from them too. However, I would always feel insecure about that as well, as my first time would later be with an escort. 

That is precisely why I took a one-year celibacy vow, because that decision felt so out of my character that I needed time to reconsider everything I thought about my life. But after the celibacy vow was up, I sought out more destructive behavior anyway, and had casual encounters using hook up apps. 

And I’m not proud of this behavior at all. I won’t lie, one of the girls was a bit of a train-wreck, and I actually hoped her instability would eventually make her kill herself one day, so she wouldn’t become a tabloid story if I ever got famous.

But even on the way to her house, I knew my reputation would be ruined if I went through with it.

And yet I did it anyway. 

Where were my high standards? Why did time make me more careless? Why was I not affected by the sunken-cost fallacy? 

Perhaps it’s because I have always considered myself damaged and unworthy because I had been raised in such a broken home. No father or mother, and my grandfather left us when we were very young as well. 

But as a writer, I sometimes see these supposed “truths” of my life with a harsh lucidity that considers them as just interesting narrative for my backstory. Excuses are only excuses when you use them as reasons not to try, and I could still go for the white-picket fence if I really wanted it. 

No matter what made you, you still have to fight. 

But it’s very difficult to fight for things you have never seen or never had. How can I be expected to raise a family if the one I came from is so broken?  

My brother is trying his hand at marriage now, but this is after he’s already had a baby momma, who is also in another state raising his son without him. 

So, trying to reach a goal like raising a family, without any true background in it, offers no guarantees, and perhaps requires some level of arrogance (or ignorance) to disregard the odds. 

But simply being wary of the gamble of marriage is one thing. What I’ve done to myself was sabotage. 

When I do reach my peak earning years and am prime marriage material, could I really look at a pure, uncorrupted 18 year old girl in the eyes and want to marry her, and then also face my children with her in my wholesome home and completely forget about all the tainted deeds I’ve done? 

I am always differentiating myself from others.

I love being niche. 

For every new and popular thing that is released, there is a 70% chance I wait until discussion dies down about it so I can “enjoy it in peace.” 

Marriage, kids, and a stable home is what is mainstream, and expected of society. 

I procrastinated on getting that by having such high standards with women for all these years. And when I abandoned those standards, I made sure I did the dirtiest things possible to make sure I could not be included for that category anymore. 

This is undeniable. 

The only thing left for me to do is resolve my guilt, either by trying to seek some sort of redemption, or accepting my position and choosing to see how the other side lives and fully embrace my rogue nature.

Granted, the hook-up apps have been deleted for now, as I’m focused on another six months of celibacy.

I may be a rogue, but I can at least make the dark side as wholesome as possible. 

Unless I meet a cute girl when I get back to college in the Fall, I’ll lean towards staying celibate until I get to Japan. 

I feel more comfortable being an outsider there, in more ways than one. 

I’ll See You on the Far Side… – Moon Base

When I was a young boy
My father took me into the city
To see a marching band

He said, “Son, when you grow up
Would you be the savior of the broken
The beaten and the damned?”

He said, “Will you defeat them?
Your demons, and all the non-believers
The plans that they have made?”

“Because one day, I’ll leave you a phantom
To lead you in the summer
To join the black parade”

– Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

12 Rules of Monk Mode #6: It’s Not About Doing

NOTE: This chapter is outdated, and has been revised in the complete version of the book The Thirteen Chambers of Monk Mode along with seven new exclusive chapters. You can find out more information about the book here:

“My position was terrible. I knew that I could find nothing in the way of rational knowledge except a denial of life; and in faith I could find nothing except a denial of reason, and this was even more impossible than a denial of life. According to rational knowledge, it followed that life is evil, and people know it. They do not have to live, yet they have lived and they do live, just as I myself had lived, even though I had known for a long time that life is meaningless and evil.” – Leo Tolstoy

To some philosophers, the presence of any suffering seems to negate any possibility that life can be considered Good. This matter is exacerbated when we conceptualize reality as a product of a persona-having God, as we can reason that they too must not be all Good (or perhaps more leniently, all powerful), since they have created such an imperfect mess that is our world.

But life can not truly be both meaningless and evil. To declare it evil is to give it meaning that it should be good. However, we can satisfy the claim if we observe life as meaningless in the objective sense, and evil in the subjective. Therefore, if Good exists at all in this world, it could be more accurately observed as a reduction on the total spectrum of evil. For instance, self-defense could be viewed as evil, as it also harms the instigating party.

In this way, all life forms cause suffering to others in order to survive, whether through direct consumption or self-defense/sustenance. You wouldn’t hurt a fly, but a fly’s nature is harmful to you, as they carry disease and filth with them (they prefer to breed in poop), and even regurgitate their food along the way. The seemingly non-sentient plants the vegans exclude from their self-righteous preservation of life also can produce anti-nutrients that can kill feeding insects (and severely damage the digestion process of humans) in order to protect themselves and sustain their own life as well.

But returning to our original point, the end of your rational knowledge should not point you to a denial of life. Your death is already an inevitable event as soon as you become alive, so how is it rational to deny life even further?

“How can a person who is awake avoid outrage at the world?…After the experience of terrible atrocity, isn’t forgiveness just cowardice, or lack of willpower?”

pp. 151-152

If you recall the scene in Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos and Stark meet, Thanos tells Stark that he is “not the only one cursed with knowledge.” Knowledge is a curse in the same way that ignorance is bliss, because while knowledge is power, power can also equate to responsibility.

Extremely intelligent individuals like Tolstoy beared the responsibility of ridding the world of evil, but as it is stated in The Dark Knight, “you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

“People who experience evil may certainly desire to perpetuate it, to pay it forward. But it is also possible to learn good by experiencing evil.”

p. 153

The primary source of suffering for those taking a defeatist view on the evil nature of life is that they are allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good: Because perfection can not be achieved, we should simply flip the table on the game of life, rather than play things out along the course we have been set on, and especially recognize the progress that we are making along the way.

Suffering could very well be the bottom layer of life, in the same way that the base layer of a civilization is violence: a nation, in it’s simplest form, is an occupied land mass that is defended by a military. Without that defense, any state will simply be annexed by a bigger nation.

One could view this harsh reality as proof that humans are inherently violent and evil, but it might not be the whole picture, as plenty of Good, or less violence, can be achieved when warring tribes and states eventually do settle into large nations. World War II ended 80 years ago, and the only reason why the Cold War is described as such is because if arms were taken up directly, the presence of nuclear bombs on both sides would have achieved a little something called Mutual Assured Destruction.

Maybe “War is Peace” (1984) after all, or at least the threat of it.

“She says she hopes that all her suffering is her own fault…if it’s her fault, she might be able to do something about it. If it’s God’s fault, however–if reality itself is flawed, hell-bent on ensuring her misery–then she is doomed. She couldn’t change the structure of reality itself. But maybe she could change her own life.”

p. 154

Reality is indeed flawed. For what other reason do you suspect we created the concept of Heaven? But in the same way that is not rational to deny Life when that feature is already built-in through Death, it’s not rational to add to our suffering, especially and doubly so when we ponder about Life’s inherent suffering.

In this respect, all the non-physical pain we experience is merely a result of our intelligence: emotional and mental dissatisfaction.

The Buddhists have already studied this matter, and they’ve come to the conclusion that the source of suffering is our attachments/cravings/desires, but also our aversions.

It’s Not About Doing

This episode is titled as such because the suffering that comes from philosophers like Tolstoy is sourced from this belief that they are somehow responsible for the suffering of the world. However, this is not entirely unique when we also observe the burnout people are experiencing from the new social phenomenon of “Hustle Culture”. While we’re at it, let’s also throw in all the religious people in the confessional box disturbed at the thought that they are sinners.

It’s not about doing because there’s always some impossible standard we’re trying to meet to make ourselves better. There’s always someone telling you what to do and how to think and feel, myself included. But we hardly ever get advice that we should just be. We are Human Beings after all, not Human Doings. Now, you may think I am advocating for everyone to just sit on their ass and do nothing, but not quite, because to be Human, or anything else that is alive, is to always naturally be doing something.

“Change is life. Stagnation is death. If you don’t change, you die. It’s that simple. It’s that scary.” ― Leonard Sweet

Unless you have received some special training, if you want to practice some prolonged meditation or other inactivity, you will eventually grow hungry, and if you suppress that hunger you will eventually die.

There’s always going to be something that we want, and therefore something to do. But when these desires and actions are not presented to us in the correct way, without a sufficient level of self-knowledge, these actions encounter an incredible amount of resistance, draining more of our natural energy rather than fulfilling us, even if we have identified that the end goal is a particularly pleasing one.

Every person is too complex to know themselves completely, and we all contain wisdom that we cannot comprehend. So, simply stop, when you apprehend, however dimly, that you should stop…

Your experience will improve, as you stop distorting it with inauthentic actions. You will then begin to discover new, more subtle things that you are doing wrong. Stop doing those, too. After some months and years of diligent effort, your life will become simpler and less complicated.

Your judgement will improve. You will untangle your past.You will become stronger and less bitter. You will move more confidently into the future. You will stop making your life unnecessarily difficult.”


Recently, I reconsidered my entire view on the practice of No-Fap. Firstly, I had already begun reducing my porn and masturbation frequency before I ever knew about the community, and was proud of my moderation back then too. I was in balance.

However, joining No-Fap is high-highs and low-lows. Just look at the thumbnail below.

Think about it. Somewhere, there’s a guy who just fapped and went on with his day, but these No-Fap gurus fap one time in six months (or longer) and have to hide it from their subscribers for several days, making this whole dramatic show of it that they’re crushed but will come back stronger, and ultimately calling it a “relapse”, as if they actually had a genuine addiction in the first place that was crippling like their life, and not their own natural sexual urges that were just misdirected towards the internet.

It’s a complete joke.

These men are unbalanced. Find the real source of pain, what’s really missing in your life, and stop this dick measuring charade.

So It’s not about doing anymore. I’m not going to do No Fap.

Yes, No Fap did help me learn plenty about myself, but while doing the practice everything felt like it was about sex, but it was truly about my emotions. I may have touched on this in my previous No Fap updates, but it feels more clear to me now because I have let go of the aversion that the No Fap community has against the acts of watching porn and masturbation.

PMO isn’t that enjoyable now only for the sole reason that it feels like me just throwing a tantrum, because I know it’s not what I really want in life: It’s me settling for low quality instant gratification to distract me from some greater dissatisfaction I have with my life. But this has little to do with sex, and more to do with emotional escape, which takes many other forms which No-Fap alone will not allow you to capture.

We may want to hustle, desire perfection, or to become more like God, but if we have not gotten to know ourselves and nurtured our authentic expression through Monk Mode, such high pursuits, especially for prestige, could end up hurting us.

Julien Blanc once said that self-improvement is actually a form of self-hatred, as it’s an explicit belief that you are currently not good enough.

So how excellent would it be to somehow find the perfect balance in life, in which we are content with where we are but also striving for improvement at the same time?

I believe we can do this by simply falling in line with our nature.

“Alexander Solzhenitsyn had every reason to question the structure of existence when he was imprisoned in a Soviet labor camp, in the middle of the terrible twentieth century. He had served as a soldier on the ill-prepared Russian front lines in the face of a Nazi invasion. He had been arrested, beaten, and thrown into prison by his own people. Then he was struck by cancer…

Then he asked himself the most difficult of questions: had he personally contributed to the catastrophe of his life? If so, how? He remembered his unquestioning support of the Communist Party in his early years. He reconsidered his whole life…

Then he wrote The Gulag Archipelago, a history of the Soviet prison camp system…One man’s decision to change his life, instead of cursing fate, shook the whole pathological system of communist tyranny to its core.

pp. 154-155

The most powerful tool you will ever have in this life is the simple act of observing yourself, because the most power you have in this reality is in regards to yourself.

When you take responsibility and ownership, and wrestle it away from the hands of God, and the Devil, or the government, the Leftists, the Illuminati, and the mysterious and ubiquitous “They”, you become the most powerful and free Being in the universe.

All the things that you rely on, even positively, control you. The things that make you angry and uncomfortable control you too, and these states will remain until you can realize that it is not your circumstances that cause your suffering but your perspective on the circumstances and your attachment to the drama you have created within it.

It’s not about doing because your focus makes it into a problem, and we are unhappy until problems become solved. But when we settle into the present, when we just be, we are satisfied by progress and growth, in all things, and not just the cold dead end of things.

Perfection, in a way, is almost stagnation. But humans, and our flawed reality, is blessed to always be in motion.

You can choose to be dissatisfied with yourself and your circumstances, but you are always moving, and always growing, in some direction. And that direction is your nature, and Life itself.

So be quiet, be still, and listen to that inner voice, and feel from within to where the wind blows.

Meditate on these matters.

And I will not see you on the Far Side, but next week Sunday at 12PM, every week for the rest of this series.

Thank you for reading. – Monk Moon Base

“Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

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12 Rules For Monk Mode #5: Play By The Rules

NOTE: This chapter is outdated, and has been revised in the complete version of the book The Thirteen Chambers of Monk Mode along with seven new exclusive chapters. You can find out more information about the book here:

We can argue all we like, but the fact is we have new rules in our society.

Why else did we go MGTOW? The legal rules in divorce and family court made it too risky to get married, and the new social rules of #MeToo make it too risky to date.

As we know, there is a section of us that are still in the Red Pill Rage, and frequent these circles that continuously churn out content related to the various ways we are degrading as a society, especially pertaining to the behavior of women. But returning to the scene of the crime isn’t going to help you heal.

“It is the things that occur every single day that truly make up our lives, and time spent the same way over and again adds up at an alarming rate…

No matter how good your intentions, or how sweet and tolerant your temperament, you will not maintain good relations with someone you fight with for a month and half of work weeks per year. Resentment will inevitably build.

Even if it doesn’t, all that wasted, unpleasant time could clearly be spent in more productive and useful and less stressful and more enjoyable activity.

p. 117, 118

We need to start seeing our lives more holistically, through the theme of compound interest. Every day is just a single brick to build the castle walls that will one day become the headquarters of your empire. Every day won’t be easy; some will feel like pennies, others like a dollar. But as long as you stay focused on building momentum, you will steadily see growth in positive directions.

The issue at hand, of course, is the lack of emotional support on dealing with the discontent within the “rage” phase. Men just don’t have the same emotional release ability that women do. As much as feminists want to believe it is due to toxic masculinity, the presence of testosterone makes it extremely difficult to physically expel those difficult emotions through therapeutic discussion and/or crying.

As men, we need to find a better outlet.

I’m not even willing to admit that I’ve gotten over the rage phase. I am simply choosing to ignore it by going Monk Mode. I know for certain that nothing positive will come about from my participation in the circles I mentioned earlier, but something of worth can be achieved if I instead seek within.

Today’s episode is about how we have actually gained much more than we have lost by going MGTOW Monk Mode.

“We assume that rules will irremediably inhibit what would otherwise be the boundless and intrinsic creativity of our children, even though the scientific literature clearly indicates, first, that creativity beyond the trivial is shockingly rare and, second, that strict limitations facilitate rather than inhibit creative achievement.”

p. 124

People view the lives of celibates, ascetics, and minimalists as ones with strict limitations, but what if those are the groups of people that are able to express and collect the most experience out of life?

Most people are slaves to their food and sex drives, and so fasting and abstinence are actually practices of freedom. Likewise, “the things you own end up owning you”, and so we put a limit on our possessions too through minimalism, so that we may move more freely.

“Discipline is freedom”, after all.

Not only am I on a one year celibacy vow, but I am also practicing No Fap, and so far I have gone six months without consuming any porn. However, the urge to relapse has been very strong lately.

But every day that I struggle with it, I continue to search deeper about where those feelings are coming from, and why? Is it loneliness, or lack of self expression? Equally I also ask myself why I should continue with these limitations, but then I look back on all the time spent on this experiment, and how putting a hard cap on my sexual exploration has allowed it to express itself in other ways.

Firstly, it was interesting to see myself seek out romance through watching anime, which I discussed in an earlier post: 1 Year Celibacy Update – 98 Days Remaining

A failure to properly sublimate my dissatisfaction and desires led me to engaging in escapism.

After the Yoko incident, I chose more wholesome anime, but still consumed it for a slightly similar reason. Over the last month, I have binge watched around 300 episodes of Naruto, with the urgency stemming from wanting to get to the end of the series and the start of its sequel, Boruto, as the romance between the main character and a love interest is finally resolved with them marrying and having children.

I was not interested in watching the filler episodes this time, but the only ones I would have sat through were the ones with Naurto and Hinata, so I actually searched YouTube for a compilation of all their exchanges so I wouldn’t miss out on anything. One of the YouTube comments said “I wish Hinata was real.”, and I really resonated with that, I must admit.

Yeah, I made it to Boruto now, by the way. I finally became proficient enough at my job to watch episodes alongside it, and was able to put in some 9+ hour work days to finish up Shippuden and get to the wedding. Last night, I actually dreamed that I went on two dates with Hinata.

But alas, this is just one observation.

I’ve been drafting a lot of creative content recently, not like these blog posts, but music, lyrics, novels, and even video game ideas.

What was most interesting as well was that my most recent idea for a novel had mature sexual themes in it, which is obviously a direct expression of my sexual emotions, but of course redirected in a more creative way, rather than all that energy being expended into the void through consuming porn and masturbating.

This experience has taught me that when we choose to go Monk Mode, we must take time to reflect on our progress and ascertain what we have gained through our experiments, as opposed to a mourning of our non-participation within the mainstream.

So many men are treating the difficulties in dating and marriage these days as such a tragedy, but what if it’s a blessing in disguise?

Play By The Rules

Each person’s private trouble cannot be solved by a social revolution, because revolutions are destabilizing and dangerous. We have learned to live together and organize our complex societies slowly and incrementally, over vast stretches of time, and we do not understand with sufficient exactitude why what we are doing works. Thus, altering our ways carelessly in the name of some ideological shibboleth is likely to produce far more trouble than good, given the suffering that even small revolutions generally produce.”

pp. 119

There’s a running fantasy within MGTOW for more men to become red-pilled and completely opt out of the system as a protest in order to restore society. Simps and spinsters get pies in their face, and declines in marriage rates and the closing of bridal shops receives applause. What was first an underground hideout for men seeking self-preservation has now, in some spaces, become a headquarters for a quiet social revolution.

What is ironic, though, is that the quote above is actually targeted at the more liberal groups pushing for far more social change through feminism and other diversity affairs. But I am opposed to both sides, however, as I stated in the previous episode, as I see conservatism (not politically, but culturally) decreasing, which I symbolized as ice melting, and instead of trying to freeze it back, we must see the future and know that water eventually evaporates, and then re-forms into ice much later.

A great practice in Stoicism is learning what is within our control, and foregoing all the things that aren’t is essentially the theme of Episode 3: Only Seek Your Power. However, this episode will differ slightly, as it is more about seeing worth (gratitude) in the very circumstances we struggle against.

Crisis and Opportunity

The Chinese characters for “crisis” are commonly interpreted in the West as a cross between “danger” and “opportunity.” This is particularly why I see futility in engorging ourselves in social change in modern times, as there’s always some other group that is benefiting (seeing “opportunity”) from whatever scenario you have labelled as “danger”.

For instance, the Pick-up Artists have benefited greatly from the sexual liberation of women through feminism, but more conservative men have obviously been bit by the bullet at the other end.

I don’t necessarily want men to become less conservative, but if your society has become so, I absolutely do not want them to swim against the tide, or yell at the sky. At this point, common advice to men who still desire the family life is to completely abandon America altogether, and marry abroad, (with strong emphasis on staying abroad as well).

“The evidence strongly suggests that human beings have become more peaceful, rather than less so, as time has progressed and societies became larger and more organized.

The !Kung bushmen of Africa…had a yearly murder rate of 40 per 100,00, which declined by more than 30% once they became subject to state authority. This is a very instructive example of complex social structures serving to reduce, not exacerbate, the violent tendencies of human beings.”

p. 121

Feminism can be said to be a consequence of peace and prosperity, and likewise, we could also be in the middle of the “good times create weak men/weak men create hard times” portion of the cycle. (If you’ve never heard of this, subsequently, hard times will create strong men, and strong men create good times.)

But we should step back and realize that we all benefit from this period of prosperity, even if it is degrading us culturally. The amount of wars in the world has been decreasing, and if I wasn’t so academically capable (and didn’t mind cutting my hair), I would have joined the military a long time ago to escape my circumstances. The military is more likely a safer career than a police officer these days.

When the world around us becomes too difficult, we should immediately stop seeking outward and only seek inward for our expression of power. But when we become strong enough to look externally again, we should cease in only seeing the danger, and instead always seek out the opportunities.

This also has nothing to do with optimism or positive thinking; it’s just about not allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Of course, society can be improved. Everything can be improved, and to seek that is to be a living human, constantly in motion. But someone somewhere actually thinks things are good enough, or that this situation is even better. You may not be seeing the full picture, and you could use more objectivity as well.

So what is playing by the rules, exactly?

Simple. Stop trying to change society. Don’t change the rules of the game, externally. If you want to keep the rules you play by, simply change where you play.

“It’s also not for the best that all human corruption is uncritically laid at society’s feet. That conclusion merely displaces the problem, back in time. It explains nothing, and solves no problems. If society is corrupt, but not the individuals within it, then where did the corruption originate? How is it propagated? It’s a one-sided, deeply ideological theory.”

p. 118

I absolutely do not agree with America’s level of debt. But the citizens are in debt too, especially women, who hold the majority of the student loan debt in the country. Colttaine, near the end of his Matrix Behind The Matrix video believes that the bankers are never going to let that money walk, but there’s nothing stopping the majority of the voting base (women) from seeking out a way to socialize that debt, especially with the infinite printing press that is the Federal Reserve.

As someone with a 767 credit score, I think the country is absolutely rotten just for this respect only. But nonetheless, America is still the last institution expected to fall, and has only had it’s credit rating fall to an AA- since 2012, and at least before the Corona Virus fiasco.

Am I going to protest? Not at all. I’m going to continue to pay my taxes and be a good citizen (with my dollars at least, my cryptocurrency doesn’t exist), but I still definitely see “danger” here, as I don’t want to be around for when it’s finally time to tighten our belts, and so I’m simply going to quietly change MY game. I will ghost in plain sight, but secretly work on my exit strategy. I can find more fiscally responsible countries, or I can start to acquire more real assets, like land and self-sufficiency, and rely less on fiat currency.

The world is such a big place with endless opportunities, and so I am becoming deeply suspicious on why we hold such strong attachments to certain things, especially as MGTOW, that we feel we must lament it’s loss and fight to restore it.

Conservatism, by definition, is not creative. Once again, I do not have an issue with Conservatism itself, but only when one desires it when the rules have clearly changed. If you are Red Pill and you are like this, you are in the rage phase. If you are blue pill and you are like this, you will probably get divorced or #MeToo’d.

Now has it become clear?

Playing by the rules is just Stoicism and non-attachment. However, you can also benefit from the crisis if you play along and beat them at their own game. TFM has repeated that trans activists have done more for men’s rights than the actual Men’s Rights Movement, and TFM himself identifies as a “masculine presenting trans-gendered lesbian”, and encourages others to do so with a legal gender change, as there have been several success stories of men saving their jobs and even their financial aid for school by just changing that one letter on their ID card.

If we live in Clown World, and you’re not a clown, then the joke is on you.

Jordan Peterson explained quite well that despite how much children rebel against structure, it is actually good for them, as regulated meal and sleeping times prevents them from becoming irritable, and a lack of discipline from the parent leads the children to become frustrated and angry all the time, especially out in public.

So rules are good for us, but the best rules we can play by are the ones we apply to ourselves. After all, you don’t have to be MGTOW and red pilled. But you keep choosing the lifestyle for a reason, and it’s probably because you recognize, maybe not even consciously, that some rules, some limitations, actually allow you to grow.

For example, you may have realized, despite your tantrums, that cutting out women from your life has saved you time and money that allows you to now more seriously pursue your hobbies or career.

So, play by the strictest rules of all, and go Monk Mode, and see how far the roots and branches of the Tree of Life can truly grow.

Meditate on these matters.

And I will not see you on the Far Side, but next week Sunday at 12PM, every week for the rest of this series.

Thank you for reading. – Monk Moon Base

““No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” ― Carl Jung”

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