Mahasamadhi – See You on the Far Side

That’s it for me folks.

I was not supposed to return to the MGTOW community so soon after finishing my book. In truth, I wanted to delay it’s publishing to meditate more, but per the advice of my mentor, I released it early.

Now, that’s all well and good, but the issue is that I feel the book is alive, and therefore wanted to stay with it, continuing to break down it’s contents with the community and allowing its idea to flourish in a much deeper way.

But if the book is truly alive, then it must be let go to live on its own.

The 13 Chambers of Monk Mode – A Nihlist’s Guide to Enlightenment is now available through pay-what-you-want, with a $0 minimum on my Ko-fi Shop

However, the various memberships and Discord groups will no longer be available.

I explain in my video my discontent with the MGTOW community, and although there are certainly a few gems out there, I have no passion for mining for them as I previously did anymore. The book is available, and those who find it can study it at will if it could offer any help to them.

I will continue to pursue my original path, a solitary one, and most likely will not return to publishing on this site under this name.

If anything, I can continue posting content exclusively through my Ko-fi page, as there are already three posts for The Hidden Chambers series, but I’m not sure if I want to engender any continuing obligations at this point.

I do want to keep my heart open, but I suppose all that’s left to do is leave the key.

I’ll Be On the Far Side… – Monk Moon Base

Published by moonbasemgtow

Mid-twenties, going my own way. Filling the gap of Monk Mode content within MGTOW. Other interests in art, health, fitness, meditation, esoteric philosophy and productivity.

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