Was He Raised By A Single Mother?

This post was originally published on March 31, 2021 on my Publish0x blog

…is exactly what I asked after I saw the emotional celebration of UFC fighter Alonzo Menifield at this weekend’s UFC 260. 

The man is 33 years old, a former football player, 6ft and 205 lbs, but after the match was over, through my Red Pill eyes, he looked like a middle schooler trying to calm himself down after a lunchroom brawl. 

That’s when I started to get suspicious, and then came his interview. 

First, he dedicates the win to his wife, and then backhands his mom at the end of it. 

I almost couldn’t believe how clearly I could see through him before he even did it. 

I searched up his background, and it seems he was raised by a single mom, as his father died when he was young. But perhaps not for long, as he and his brother were moved into foster care when he was 14, which seems to be the source of why he stated his mother has not shown him love.

Granted, I have a horrible relationship with my mother as well, along with an absent father, so I’m not on a high horse.

But as Red Pill men, we are trained to see the red flags among damaged women, and likewise it is a keen skill to see troubled men as well. 

Thinking Ape and Barbarossa also thoroughly explored the “male mother need” phenomenon, which in short is one where a man idealizes or projects certain values onto his female partners to compensate for a certain lacking quality related to his maternal relationship that has been unresolved since childhood.

The fact that Alonzo pitted his wife and mother against each other makes it undeniable that he’s affected by this condition. 

Thinking Ape feels rather strongly about the condition too, believing it is a quality that is impossible to overcome completely.

As for myself, I’m unsure, since I wasn’t raised by my mother at all past my toddler years. I was raised by a single grandmother, but there was also a lot of help from my Aunts and Uncles who lived with me. 

As I discussed in my earlier post, “Guilty Bastard”, even during my blue pill years, I was always more interested in being a father rather than being a husband, so most of my concerns with dating was about my high standards for a viable womb, represented by my desire for a flawless virgin girl. The “mother need” was for my future children, not me!

But anyway, this isn’t a topic about dating. 

This is just a “eureka” moment in my revelation that our childhoods are pretty damn important! You would think being over 30 would classify you as an adult, but it’s hard for me to see it that way until we’ve really undone the baggage we’re holding onto from way back when. 

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