12 Rules of Monk Mode #3: Only Seek Your Power

NOTE: This chapter is outdated, and has been revised in the complete version of the book The Thirteen Chambers of Monk Mode along with seven new exclusive chapters. You can find out more information about the book here: https://moonbasemgtow.wordpress.com/2021/07/30/my-book-membership-groups-available-now/

When you dare aspire upward, you reveal the inadequacy of the present and the promise of the future. Then you disturb others, in the depths of their souls, where they understand that their cynicism and immobility are unjustifiable. You play Abel to their Cain. You remind them that they ceased caring not because of life’s horrors, which are undeniable, but because they do not want to lift the world up on to their shoulders, where it belongs.”

p. 83

They say all roads lead to MGTOW, and so Monk Mode must be the most upward place and direction. When a man goes MGTOW Monk, it is immediately obvious that, unless he was previously blessed with some godlike awareness, an inadequacy within the present has encouraged him to seek within and make a promise for his own future. He is deciding to secure that future instead of gambling against the current dating scene, divorce rates, and family court laws.

MGTOW disturbs the TFL/Black Pill crowd, because we serve as an unbearable bright light among their cynicism and immobility. They can not fathom that what they yearn for the most is intentionally avoided by MGTOW men.

Likewise, MGTOW is also a blight to the the Blue Pill, as these individuals’ futures rely on the present, and recognizing the validity of MGTOW places uncertainty onto their future goals.

If they were content, they would simply ignore us, and we would have no effect.

However, and here is why I say I give out red pills that are of this world, if MGTOW men were content, they too would also ignore the decadence of the world, and it would have little effect.

Welcome to Episode 3: Avoid failure, and Only Seek Your Own Power.

The Repetition Compulsion Complex

“Sometimes, when people have a low opinion of their own worth— or, perhaps, when they refuse responsibility for their lives–they choose a new acquaintance, of precisely the type who proved troublesome in the past. Such people don’t believe that they deserve any better–so they don’t go looking for it. Or, perhaps they don’t want the trouble of better. Freud called this a “repetition compulsion.” He thought of it as an unconscious drive to repeat the horrors of the past–sometimes, perhaps, to formulate those horrors more precisely, sometimes to attempt more active mastery and sometimes, perhaps, because no alternatives beckon.

p. 75

MGTOW men don’t appear to ascribe themselves as low worth, unfortunately that is more likely within the Incel/TFL/Black Pill community. However, in both groups, I would say there are a fair number who refuse responsibility, and fall into the repetition compulsion complex.

Now, the context in which others tell MGTOW or Incels to take responsibility is usually related to women, and how both groups of men are not trying hard enough to find a good one, or just get with one at all. However, I have already explained why pursuing women leads to Chaos within men. Therefore, the responsibility I am encouraging for men is for their own personal well-being, separate from external factors.

I am asking men to find peace, purpose, and stillness in solitude. I am asking men to go Monk Mode.

“I feel like my life is worth more than some pussy…than some ran through hoes… I made a decision…I’m not approaching no more females…I took all that energy and put it into myself, and now I’m making so much money, I have the potential to be my own boss at 22.” – VVS

The following quote is from VVS’ video “FUCK THE NEGATIVITY“, in which he announces that he is no longer consuming or producing Incel/TFL content.

The truth hurts, but you don’t have to hurt yourself over and over again once you get it. Take the Red Pill, or the Black Pill, and then move on, evolve, with this new knowledge.

Like Tank said in the Matrix about Neo’s test to jump across a street to a rooftop in The Matrix, “No one ever makes the first jump.”

While that turned out to be true, we can not spend our time looking down at how far the fall is;. We have to aspire above and eventually take the leap forward.

The same applies to MGTOW as well. You do not need “a red pill a day.” Learn the truth, and then use the truth. Many will claim the repetition compulsion of consuming content primarily concerning female nature is indeed to “formulate the horrors to attempt active mastery”, but I believe it’s the latter: “because no alternatives beckon.”

They are still the same broken men, picking at their scabs, prolonging its process to heal.

Many smell this festering of wounds, and they leave MGTOW, like VVS has left Incel/TFL. That is why I am here, to convince men to make the jump.

The Jump To Go Monk

“It is far more likely that a given individual has just decided to reject the path upward, because of its difficulty…failure is easy to understand...fear, hatred, addiction, promiscuity, betrayal and deception require no explanation… It’s easier not to shoulder a burden. It’s easier not to think, and not to do, and not to care…

Maybe your misery is a demand placed on me so that I fail too, so that the gap you so painfully feel between us can be reduced, while you degenerate and sink. How do I know that you would refuse to play such a game?”

pp. 80-81

These are comments for VVS. According to the first two respondents, if you are not entrenched on the reality of your defeat daily, you are coping. Any other orientation is betrayal. In fact, repetition of your hopelessness is actually a solution to the problem.

“these problems are in our faces everyday and we need livestreams what else we got

Here it is, in plain view. No alternatives beckon.

The “Black Pill” was merely the realization that their hangovers could be cured with more alcohol. The poison has become the medication.

“Or maybe you have no plan, genuine or otherwise, to rescue anybody. You’re associating with people who are bad for you not because it’s better for anyone but because it’s easier. You know it. Your friends know it. You’re all bound by an implicit contract–one aimed at nihilism, and failure, and suffering of the stupidest sort. You’ve all decided to sacrifice the future to the present.

You don’t talk about it. you don’t all get together and say, ‘Let’s take the easier path. Let’s indulge in whatever the moment might bring. And let’s agree, further, not to call each other on it. That way, we can more easily forget what we are doing.‘ You don’t mention any of that. But you all know what’s really going on.”

pp. 79-80

These MGTOW and Black Pill content creators whose material only consists of either the futility or folly of our current state in society and gender dynamics are precisely the bad crowd taking the easy road. Failure doesn’t have to be explained. This is just circle-jerking over a dead horse.

The future is being sacrificed for the present when men engage with this content, not because I am extending a hopeful and optimistic view that things will get better later, but because they are sacrificing their internal expression of their own futures for the external focus on the circumstances of the present.

Maybe your misery is your attempt to prove the world’s injustice, instead of the evidence of your own sin, your own missing of the mark, your conscious refusal to strive and to live…Maybe it’s your revenge on Being. How exactly should I befriend you when you’re in such a place?

You should choose people who want things to be better, not worse. It’s a good thing, not a selfish thing, to choose people who are good for you. It’s appropriate and praiseworthy to associate with people whose lives would be improved if they saw your life improve.”

pp. 81-82

These content creators and the consumers indulging in it do not want the best for society. Their lives do not improve when it improves, but only when there is more decline and division, because it confirms their choice to participate on the dark path.

If all the ills of society were suddenly cured, these content creators would evaporate from running out of material, because their project is revenge, and nothing more.

There is no plan. They are not trying to save you. They are simply indulging in the drama of today’s affairs. Any benefits to your well-being are simply by-products of you avoiding the car crash they are telling you to look at.

This is why we must engage in Monk Mode and find the Way, because seeking within and focusing on the internal will only produce things of meaning and permanence.

To return to the Matrix example, These men are focused on the fall and the spectacle of others falling.

Now, I don’t want the men to make the jump across the street using some Positive thinking/Hope/Faith strategy so that they can overcome all the things their ideologies have warned they would surely fail in (marriage/dating/etc.), but I want men to enter Monk Mode and make the jump so that they transcend the entire meaning of the street itself.

Marriage. Divorce. Tinder swipes. Thots. Simps. All of it, transcended.

Don’t jump to get over, jump to be above. Don’t cross a barrier, don’t bend the spoon. Realize there is no barrier and there is no spoon; there is only you.

You were always the Master. You only failed because you allowed yourself to be defined as a player in another person’s game. Play your game, and make damn sure that it’s one that you always win.

If you had control over your environment, of course, you would wish for many external factors to be changed to be conducive to your happiness, but we don’t always have this control. However, we have at least some dominion over our own mind; should we not also wish for our internal states to default to happiness, or orderliness?

“Before you help someone, you should find out why that person is in trouble. You shouldn’t merely assume that he or she is a noble victim of unjust circumstances and exploitation. It’s the most unlikely explanation, not the most probable…if you buy the story that everything terrible just happened on its own, with no personal responsibility on the part of the victim, you deny that person all agency in the past (and, by implication, in the present and future, as well). In this manner, you strip him or her of all power.”

p. 80

Happiness need not be the goal. In fact, for a time I preferred neutrality and stoicism over any passionate states. Some people are also more talented at using their negative emotions as fuel, so I’m not against being negative.

But you must absolutely take control over these emotions and circumstances if you choose this path. Any person or situation that can trigger you emotionally can rob you of your power.

Incels will lament that they were born unattractive; it happened on its own. MGTOW will blame feminism and the family courts for their unjust circumstances and exploitation.

I’m not going to argue with this. I might even agree. I don’t want to assign you agency to these things. These are institutions and conditions that are bigger than you. Assigned to you without consent.

But you still have power.

No, I am not a motivational speaker telling you that you have power to change these circumstances. I am saying you still have power in some other way, to do other things.

When a building catches fire, you are no longer responsible for anything inside; you are only responsible for securing yourself. And that fire could very well take everything you own.

A divorce could take half of what you own. Poor genetics may make it difficult for you to ever have a woman for your own. Some men will remain paralyzed to watch the fire in horror. Others will wait to recover what they can from the remains. Only a final few will simply walk away, knowing the only real option left is to find a new place to sleep for the night, and tomorrow, begin the plan to rebuild.

VVS has built himself a new home. He is unrecognizable to those still residing within the ashes.

It’s fine to feel like shit. It’s fine to know society is shit. But you still have power, somehow, somewhere, and you need to find it and start using it immediately, so that you may transcend this Hell and give yourself a straight shot into Heaven.

Monk Mode is the internal practice of becoming the carpenter for your own future. Let the flames of the world be damned. Just build. Build above the flames if you have to. But don’t ever stop building.

Don’t ever stop seeking your own power.

“The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” – Nikola Tesla

Meditate on these matters.

And I will not see you on the Far Side, but next week Sunday at 12PM, every week for the rest of this series.

Thank you for reading. – Monk Moon Base

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