Dissolving The Ego: Ben Greenfield/Anti-Psychedelic Response

“Beware of unearned wisdom.” – Carl Jung

Unearned wisdom is exactly what I consider any delusions of enlightenment from drug use to be.

Plant medicine” advocates such as Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock, and Ben Greenfield have gone so far to encourage even the harder hallucinogens, specifically ones that contain DMT or mescaline chemical compounds.

Hancock has even suggested politicians shouldn’t be elected unless they have experienced the induced states from these drugs.

But here’s my question: If these powerful drugs truly have the power to grant enlightenment, why is it necessary to continuously experiment with repeated uses?

Greenfield himself has interesting habits with plant medicine, as he makes regular tri-monthly trips with his wife, and will introduce his children to it as a rite-of-passage, which he mentions in the podcast below

All of this in order to “dissolve the ego,” he claims. (22:08)

However, only a few moments later did Ben reveal that he has too much of an ego to adopt a more communal/free-love lifestyle some users adopt after experiencing the drug, as he would prefer to have more control over his family to further the “Greenfield legacy.” (31:17)

Huh? Legacy? Why would anyone with a “dissolved ego” care about legacy?

Here is precisely why chemically induced enlightenment is dubbed “unearned wisdom.”


Now, I’m sure the native populations that used these drugs also did them quite often, (but they didn’t have the internet, so I won’t blame them), but they also built a culture that supported the intentions behind the drug.

When their ego was dissolved through the psychedelic experience, they returned to a collectivist society where last names didn’t exist or matter, children were raised by the village, and men and women both had multiple spouses.

There was no concern for an individual legacy.

In the same way that you are a multi-cellular organism that has combined into one singular entity that is your human body, each member of these indigenous tribes were just individual cells that sacrificed their ego for the good of the collective.

Taking DMT and feeling connected to the world and all of humanity is great and all, but if only a few days or hours later you are browsing Instagram at the airport on the way back home, this is not the best way to integrate this new enlightened persona you’ve temporarily adopted after using these drugs.

If I wanted a medicine to bring me enlightenment, I would want it to be a one-shot cure, and not a prescription drug.

Thoughts? Have you had any experiences with psychedelics? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Dissolving The Ego: Ben Greenfield/Anti-Psychedelic Response

  1. I say this to you, dear writer. Have you tried any of these medicines yourself? Where is your wisdom on the matter derived from? Why does it matter so much to you that these people are attempting to dissolve their ego? If there is such a way, surely, it would matter how much people believe in themselves, or believe they understand what ego is. As much as anyone else shall trumpet their opinion, about “enlightenment”, how do you know that your way is the way, and their way is not without enquiry? There must be a reason why these people have such strong opinions on the dissolution of the “ego” through plant medicines or other “drugs”. It seems that your fear is written like blood on the wall, without backing up claims of your own except, a thought? Tell us, how your experience with psychadelic substances are, tell us how your interactions with strong hallucinatory medicines are, and then, we can have a discussion, not a dictation based of fear ❤ Where did these medicines come from? Where is their history derivative from? Why would these people so openly and proactively advocate "Illegal" substances which are only illegal because they are known to dissolve conditioning? 😉

    I sincerely hope you enquire into these medicines one day, because you may find that all you know, may be nothing short of a conditioned idea that is based in fear of new experience ❤ Blessings to you, and I wish you all the best on your human lifetime, well, this one at least.


    1. The most I have done is LSD/Shrooms. Dissolving the ego matters to me because I study philosophy. Do you identify yourself with these drugs, because while you think I’m fearful, I think you are insecure that I critique them.


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