Closing The Gates – A Love Letter to Itachi MGTOW

Itachi Uchiha MGTOW (aka Kurama) was one of my favorite MGTOW content producers, so much so that I used to watch only one video a day to truly soak in the message, and meditate on it’s contents for the entire day.

That went on until he wiped his whole channel, of course.

I won’t deny that there was no shortage of drama with Itachi, with that being only one of his monikers after all, but I believe the core objective of his content was a sound one.

Itachi was so aptly named because, just like the manga character he is based off of, he abandoned MGTOW and was in open opposition to it.

Itachi was specifically dissatisfied that the average MGTOW man was not capitalizing on his supposed red-pill knowledge and freedom outside of the feminine matrix, but was instead found still congregating around channels that recycled their emotional addictions to drama, gossip, and heavy criticism against women and feminism.

These men claim to be going their own way, but act more like they’ve only gone across the street; watching from a distance, and truly going nowhere.

In reality, the average MGTOW man is still upset that the identity he wanted for himself, having a stable home with a happy wife and kids, was pulled out from under him, either by a nasty divorce, child support, or some other means.

Deep in his heart, the average MGTOW still desires that dream, or at least has not healed from the emotional scarring of the nightmare he did experience, and so he dwells among the disaffected masses, requiring a “daily dose of red-pill” to orient his directionless identity.

“Most MGTOWs are one bl**job away from crawling back to the plantation.” – Stardusk

Itachi’s goal was to elevate the baseline of MGTOW men, to move past their feminine occupations and use their new mental and financial capacity to start increasing their lives in various other areas, including health, as the MGTOW philosophy would be incomplete if men were merely withholding their resources out of spite, and not redirecting towards a specific purpose.

His master plan was to generate a network comprising of these successful MGTOW men, where they would be able to affect change together on a societal level from behind-the-scenes, a la Secret Society.

Closing The Gates

This article is titled as such because Itachi is finally gone. He released one final program and then disappeared, hopefully along with the network he wanted of those trusted MGTOW men.

He closed the gate.

Itachi wasn’t interested in triage or manipulating emotions and drama for clicks. He was all about his business.

While I won’t be as aggressive as Itachi, I too am starting off with a “closed gate” mentality as well.

I am no longer interested in outreach, arguing about MGTOW, or convincing other groups to join MGTOW.

The Incels need their own messiah to uproot them out of their dark existences.

White nationalists are stuck on Planet Earth while I choose to live on the “Moon Base”, which is metaphorical, but I see all people as just “People of Earth” as one day we will most likely discriminate against the Martians and other planets as soon as we establish generational colonies.

And as a MGTOW Monk, there is no getting across to a “Red Pill” man, who is still deeply obsessed with feminine validation.

At the same time, I will not denigrate the production and consumption of the work of MGTOW that are catering to the lower-levels of men who are still stuck in their rage-phase. They are still my brothers, albeit, my younger brothers.

MGTOW is in my name because I do prefer to have that baseline of association to the man that is at least inquisitive about female nature, law and politics, and redefining their role within society.

“The un-examined life is not worth living” (Socrates) and thus the Blue Pill man is not worth trusting.

So I am closing the gates, online, and in real-life.

In person I will ghost in plain sight. A walking speak-easy only associating with those who know the code.

Online I am out-and-proud, but still operating within a niche.

I am not interested in actively dividing or denying people, but the gates are closed, however, with very obvious keys to getting into my inner circle.

I have purposefully marginalized myself in various ways: through Keto, No-Fap, one-meal-a-day fasting, non-denominational spirituality, and not just MGTOW, but further with MGTOW Monk Mode.

So for those of you still stuck on the female problem, you can watch the space launch from Earth…

See you on the Far Side – Monk Moon Base

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