Why Big John Saved MGTOW (Rollo Tomassi Response)

The PUA Industry is drying out as overreaching consent and censorship permeate our society, by way of the #MeToo movement and political correctness.

The more savvy within the industry, like Real Social Dynamics (RSD) pivoted to the self-help industry. However, there are still scraps to be had, and that comprises of people like Rollo Tomassi and others that brand themselves as “Red Pill”.

However, as their audience continues to shrink, they are opting to lash out at peripheral groups, like MGTOW.

Rollo’s latest hot take claims that MGTOW has been infiltrated by grifters, and their growth will only lead them to becoming a target by the mainstream media in the next escalation of the modern Gender Cold War.

Luckily, MGTOW has already handled this problem last year, when CNN conducted a series of interviews for their own investigation:

Thankfully, because of Big John’s interview, MGTOW, to the mainstream media, is nothing more than a bunch of bitter divorcees.

Great, I’ll take it.

Secondly, the rats of MGTOW have already jumped ship, as shortly after this interview aired, YouTube rolled out its “MGTOW Purge” demonetization process.

Most notably, YouTubers Alexander Grace and YogiOabs defected from MGTOW in an effort to preserve their ad dollars.

Since then, MGTOW channels have struggled to stay afloat on YouTube. Top MGTOW content creator TFM has even advocated for other creators to place all their videos under age-restriction (which forgoes monetization), in order to better preserve their videos and channels from being taken down.

As of now, most content creators have a BitChute back up account in preparation for this event.

MGTOW is also very fortunate to have Incel be a big enough group to stand up on it’s own. In fact, many Incels are already defecting from Red Pill and are actively developing “The Black Pill” movement.

Both PUA and Incel groups dislike MGTOW, because MGTOW are willing to disengage from women, while PUA and Incel attach their identities to the validation of women.

PUA’s think MGTOW are “giving up” because they’re not playing the game, and Incels think MGTOW are just in-denial and using it as a coping mechanism.

MGTOW discuss the dangers of relationships and marriage; Incels can’t even get a date. It’s not even the same conversation.

MGTOW is above Red Pill, Rollo. There’s nothing for you to unplug us from.

For the most part, you speak to us through a gate. And while MGTOW can come and go as we please through that gate, you will always remain in the cage.

See you on the Far Side – Monk Moon Base

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