Its Harder To Come Out As Bisexual Now Than Gay

A gay person is left with only two options: live your life as a full lie, or come out and live the full truth as openly gay.

A bisexual person, however, is less likely to come out because only one of their sexual preferences are socially accepted, encouraging them to suppress their other attraction.

They may convince themselves they could have the best of both worlds at first, enjoying being straight in the day and being gay at night.

However it will dawn on them that no one would ever know the full truth, and that is the source of their frustration and pressure.

While the gay person’s temperament initially would approach that of a boiling tea kettle, the bisexual would struggle to ever reach critical mass as the convenience of the more socially accepted sexual orientation will always cast an internal conflict over the more ostracized sexual preference.

They may self-doubt that their gay tendencies may have developed unnaturally, maybe through a troubled childhood or porn addiction.

They may rationalize that it is too greedy to be attracted to both genders, and they should appreciate that they can still be straight and not cause any trouble by coming out with their other side.

They may realize that even after coming out, neither group would fully accept them, as their same-sex groups will either consider their bisexuality just a phase until they are either fully gay or straight, or both gay and straight groups may carry a constant suspicion that their bisexual partner may randomly leave them at any time for the opposite sex.

And it would be even more devastating for men, as a Glamour magazine survey reported nearly 2/3 of women would not date a bisexual man, and even the notoriously sex-positive Amber Rose, a bisexual woman herself, said she would not feel comfortable dating a bisexual man:

While Gay members suffer the full rejection possible from the straight community, they are at least wholly welcomed into a new one.

Coming out as bisexual may fracture one’s straight-acceptance only to be left with scraps from both gender and orientation groups.

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